Understand total compensation.

Help potential hires and employees understand the confusing parts of their compensation like stock options, RSUs, 401(k)s, and healthcare with Parable's easy visualizations.

Manage employee financial questions and concerns.

Free up your recruiting and HR team from complicated financial questions on compensation, benefits, and personal finances. Employees can ask questions  and get answers directly. 24/7.

Decrease employee financial stress.

Give employees peace-of-mind with the first financial assistant to help them both maintain the right financial accounts and understand how their total compensation factors in.

Employees and job seekers struggle to understand the true value of their compensation and how it fits into their existing savings. We help them see the big picture so they can make the right decisions about where they work and what jobs they choose. We work with forward-thinking employers to help bring transparency to pay and personal finance.

Accessible for all

Our technology allows us to keep prices low, handle clients from any socioeconomic background, smartly manage each person's finances, and improve financial literacy.

We are philosophically neutral

We stay neutral and always advocate for the financial actions that are in our users' best interests.

Technology-infused financial management

Parable is powered by cutting edge technologies to deliver the best possible experience to users.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone X - 2019-
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone X - 2019-

Designed with you in mind.

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