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How exactly does Parable work?

The largest source of stress for Americans is money, and financial stress costs employers $250 billion in productivity annually. 56% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, and employees leave $24 billion in free 401(k) match money on the table yearly.


Parable helps your employees improve their financial health by allocating their money between their checking, savings, retirement, and investment accounts. We help them connect their existing accounts, open up accounts they should have (e.g. IRA, HSA, or high yield savings), and move money between all the accounts to maximize retirement income. They can also chat with us directly in the Parable app to get answers to their financial questions. If their questions are complex, we will also connect them with a personal financial advisor.

What does Parable do that a 401(k) doesn't?

We believe the 401(k) is core to a good financial future. However, it alone does not constitute holistic financial health. Your employees should have savings, checkings, HSAs, IRAs, and other investment accounts like roboadvisors in addition to their 401(k). Parable makes sure that employees have these accounts and that they are putting their money in the right ones.

Furthermore, just because an employee has a 401(k) and is offered an employee match doesn't mean they are using it. Employees miss out on $24 billion in employer match money yearly. Parable ensures users are maxing out the usefulness of their 401(k), and we are in a prime position to do so because of our straightforward, trustworthy approach.

Can I trust Parable? What makes it different?

Parable is solely incentivized to improve employees' financial health. Unlike our competitors, we don't charge an assets-under-management fee, we don't receive referral incentives to funnel users into specific accounts, and we have zero allegiance to any one fund or institution. We are paid by employers, and we work with them to offer Parable to their employees free-of-charge. This allows Parable to adapt to each user's true needs and come up with optimal recommendations.

How can I know I'm getting a good value with Parable?

We offer an admin dashboard so that you can understand how much your employees are engaging with Parable and improving their financial health. Additionally, we offer Parable free-of-charge for the first month. If you aren't satisfied, you do not pay a thing (but we are confident that you will be)!

Can I trust Parable-sourced financial advisors?

Parable takes the time to vet and source each financial advisor we work with. We also continually collect feedback from employees on how their advisor is doing. Finally, we make sure that every advisor we work with is a fiduciary, meaning they are legally bound to give guidance that is in the best interest of their clients, and not their own financial gain.

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